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OP Youth Academy

Ages 6-10

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The OP Youth Academy program provides a safe, fun environment for players to train and play. Each "team" in our academy is led by full-time soccer coaches and highly qualified support staff who specialize in working with and developing young soccer players. Our program is tailored to players that seek a fun structured, competitive, skills-based environment that focuses on individual development.

The 2020-2021 academy program is for all girls and boys born between 01/01/11-12/31/14. Academy teams train 3 times a week (2 for u8), play in a local league, and compete in 2 local tournaments during both the Fall and Spring seasons. We also have a comprehensive Winter training program to make sure all development from the fall is sustained throughout the entirety of our academy season.


During game day activities coaches can assign players to different teams each game. Our club builds a schedule that provides both challenges and opportunities for success to ensure maximum development for each player. No matter how players are assigned to the game roster they all train together in one pool. We also have a “train only” option for players that would like to receive high-level professional training but not play in the games. We accept mature U6 (2015) players for this training only option within our academy.


The Ohio Premier Academy uses the concept of ‘player pools’ instead of the traditional team system because it provides a better platform for player development. Our club can provide the appropriate training environment for every player to develop their ball skills, creativity, and love of the game. This will result in creating a foundation for dynamic play and players who can play at the highest level.

Need more information or still have questions?  

Dublin Youth Academy Girls Contact:


Shane Woodruff 

UA Youth Academy Girls Contact:


Connor Bauer

OP Youth Academy Boys Contact:


Sveti Matejic 

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