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OP Youth Teams

Ages 10-14

The OP youth team program is where we begin to develop all the elements of team play. To accomplish this goal we select teams at the end of tryouts that will be consistent throughout the season. We build our rosters by carefully evaluating groups of players that can work well together while learning the physical, mental, tactical, and technical elements to succeed as individuals and as a team. 

Development is the primary goal of our youth team program. We carefully create a training environment where players know that learning and having fun is more important than winning. Players learn that their goals on the field should be about their success in supporting teammates and using the skills and tactics they learn in practice instead of the score at the end of the game. Players who focus on development are better prepared to compete when they get older and become eligible for our nationally and regionally competitive teams.

The 2020-2021 youth team program is for all girls and boys born between 01/01/09-12/31/07. Teams train 3 times a week, play in a league which may require some out of town travel, and participate in 5 tournaments between the Fall and Spring seasons. One of these tournaments may include traveling out of town or out of state. We also have a comprehensive Winter training program to make sure all development from the fall is sustained and continues at a strong pace for the entirety of our annual program.

Need more information or still have questions?  

Kevin Dougherty
Girls Director of Coaching

Sveti Matejic

 Boys Director of Coaching

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