Name/Email Photo/Bio

Executive Director of Coaching

Chris Baer

Director of Coaching Girls


Kevin Dougherty

Assistant Director of Coaching-Girls

Becky Broering

Director of Coaching Boys David Winner  

Director of Youth Development-Dublin

Shane Woodruff


Director of Youth Development-Arlington

Matt Ogden  

Assistant Director of Youth Development-Dublin

Mike Lawrence  
Staff Coach Shay Burris
Staff Coach Steve Christensen  
Staff Coach - Girls GK Coach Jim Daugherty
Staff Coach James Fredrickson
Staff Coach Chaz Freutel
Staff Coach Brian Fritts

Staff Coach

William Gage

Staff Coach Sarah Gervasio  
Staff Coach Morgan Herbert  
Staff Coach Sierra Joseph


Staff Coach Jeff Kessinger  

Staff Coach

Sveti Matejic


Staff Coach - Boys GK Coach Chad Prickett  

Staff Coach

Katie Robinson


Staff Coach

Terry Smith


Staff Coach

Chris Steuer


Staff Coach Alan Yost  


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