How does the U8 Academy work? The U8 Academy program is for all girls and boys born between 8/1/05 - 7/31/07. There are no tryouts or cuts for this program. The players will enjoy 2-4 training sessions per week and have games against other teams in the Columbus area. During game day activities, players will be randomly assigned to a different team each week. At training, all the players will train together.
What is unique about the OP Academy Program? The Ohio Premier U8 Academy will use the concept of ‘player pools’ instead of the old and antiquated team system. ‘Player pools’ will allow the players to train together as a group and then be randomly assigned to a ‘team’ for each game. The ‘player pool’ method has been incredibly successful with many of the top clubs across the country and around the world. It is the individual ball skills, creativity and love of the game that will create exciting soccer players who can play on successful teams. This is why the ‘player pool’ style works well in helping players reach the next level of play. Players will be encouraged to be creative when playing, to play without any fear of making mistakes and to express themselves positively on the soccer field.
How is this different from local Rec Programs? Players in our Academy program are trained and coached by licensed, professional coaches with many years (avg of 10+) of coaching experience. The OP Academy program is tailored for the player that seeks a more structured, highly competitive, skills based, individual development focused environment, all while having FUN. We do have players that continue playing in their local rec program while also training with us. Finally, our program prepares the young soccer player for the try-out process that starts at the U9 age group.
How do I get more information? Contact Chaz Freutel at
Who is this for? OP U8 Academy is for all girls and boys, who have the desire to play soccer and learn from experienced professional coaches.
What is the cost? $650 for the entire fall/spring --Winter Indoor Session Available, Pro-Rated for those starting in the Spring.
The Program: The Ohio Premier Soccer Club is pleased to announce that we will again be offering our OP Academy Program to the U7/8 age group (U6 – Train Only). Our U8 Academy Program will be for all U7/8 girls and boys who love the game of soccer and wish to improve their ball skills. The Ohio Premier Soccer Club will provide a safe, fun Environment for the players to practice and play under the guidance of full-time soccer coaches and highly qualified support staff who specialize in working with and developing young soccer players.
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